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Ski Resort Business is reborn

1980s were the golden period for the ski and resort industry in Japan. Skiing and snowboarding were such popular activities that customer traffic was rarely a concern. However, the Japanese ski resort industry has clearly gone downhill over the past decade.

Under the rapid economic growth in Asian countries and an increasing need of the winter sports, we target not only the local Japanese market but also the worldwide market. By optimizing the ski resorts and utilizing the characteristics of local community, we hope to bring the Japanese ski resorts industry back to its good old days.

Being as a professional consultant of ski resort development, we believe the local community shall be benefited from the ski resort. Activating the local society, creating employments and improving the long-term local economies are the vital parts of our roles.

In summary, we put our effort on improving the whole quality of both software and hardware renovation. We honor thoughts and dreams of the local people. In order to build harmonious ski resorts to make everyone be happy, we dedicate our business to establish and foster the "Happy Triangle" relationship among the nature, our customers and the local society.

Management of ski resort and relevant facilities and services

Facilities and services details

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Facilities & Services

Examples of NSD’s strategies

Plan of Safety Strategies

  • Regular internal meeting for technique and safety issue (information sharing, strategic planning and execution)
  • Joint working and training throughout NSD group
  • Mutual inspection on hardware and operation between each subsidiary company

Strengthen the sales and promotion of NSD group

  • Enhance the sales and promotion of shops, enterprises of Japan’s main cities
  • Join overseas exhibitions, visit the overseas travel agents and media, invite them to visit ski resorts
  • Tie-up with mega enterprises (Beverage, bike, sport shops, telecom, etc)

Service reinforcement (Winter season)

  • Newly open reservation for parking service 【Kashimayari, Kawaba】
  • Power plug facility at campsite 【Kashimayari】
  • Newly open of first track tour 【Kawaba】
  • Newly open of non-groomed snow powder course 【Ryuoo, Hakuba】
  • GO!GO!CURRY, 1st restaurant in Nagano prefecture.【Ryuoo】

Enhancement of Services (Green season)

  • Bicycle, holding of triathlon event, sport camp invitation 【Kashimayari】
  • Operating as summer training field with terrain park, kicker & air-mattress, skateboarding lamp, etc 【Kashimayari, Ryuoo, Kawaba】
  • Music events 【Kashimayari, Kawaba】
  • Newly opened of wild-flower garden on top of the mountain 【Ryuoo】

Ski resort business consulting

Technical support

Maintenance of cableway facilities, snow grooming vehicle, artificial snow facilities. Technical inspection, support for making decisions for investment. Support for fuel restraint.

Business support

Sales promotion(media, marketing, method, etc)、introduction of new service, existing service improvement, etc.

Rental business support

Delivery of products, price setting, operation, etc.


Finance, risk management, succession of the Business, etc. Please feel free to contact us for overall business support.

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