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Nippon Ski resort Development Co., Ltd. , “NSD” is:

Management and operation company for ski resorts. NSD is incubated in 2005 with comprehensive supports by Nippon Parking Development (Ticker 2353) as our parent company which is listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange.

To establish and foster “Happy Triangle” is our motto which enables the nature, our customers, and the local community to get happy in the universe around respective ski resorts. To inherit the motto and the vision, NSD will ensure the happiness of the people who will encounter winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, by providing productive solutions and qualified services. With eyes of global standard, NSD would also like to convey thrill and magnificence to the people as many as possible.



  1. To esteem the nature and to maintain compliance.
  2. To respect human life and to secure safety and health.
  3. To provide highly qualified services brought by warmth, friendliness, sense of equity and pride.
  4. To enjoy challenge, transformation and creation with curiosity and a sense of fun.
  5. To value teamwork and community.
  6. To eliminate the individuals, partnerships, institutions and the corporations which are linked to antisocial organization or such others that pose treat to rules and security of the society.
  7. Do not compromise improving the level of quality for all of the operations.


A ) For Nature
Skiing resorts are the gifts from mother nature and gravity of the earth. We cherish nature and strive for its preservation.
B ) For Society
Company is a public entity. We conform to the local culture and custom and contribute to the development of the society through our business activities.
C ) For Customers
Customers' satisfaction is our pleasure. We are dedicated to them
D ) For Staff
Our most valuable asset. We make efforts to realize what ideal working conditions are for staff.
E ) For Next Generation
Children are treasure. We pass down magnificence of nature, thrill of winter sports, importance of family and associates, and exciting experiences of work to next generation.



Company Name Nippon Ski Resort Development, Co., Ltd.
Head Office 6329-1, Hokujo, Hakuba-mura Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano,
399-9301, Japan
Establishment 22nd DEC, 2005
Capital JPY 1,666 Million as of 22 APR 2015
Business Management and operation of ski resorts
Consulting and advisory services on ski resorts
Board Members CEO Suzuki, Shuhei
COO Takanashi, Hikaru
CFO Utsui, Kouji
Director, Outside Deguchi, Kyoko
Director, Outside Kitagawa, Tooru
Corporate Auditor, Outside Hashimoto, Toshimitsu
Corporate Auditor, Outside Uzuki, Takehiko
Corporate Auditor, Outside Araki, Takashi
Corporate Auditor Takeshi, Ishihara
Group Companies Kashimayari Inc.
Kitashiga Ryuoo, Co., Ltd.
Kawaba Resort, Co., Ltd.
SPICY, Co., Ltd.
Kawaba Resort USA Inc.
Meiho Kogen Kaihatu, Co., Ltd.
Hare Ski Resort, Co., Ltd.


SEP 2006 Acquisition of Kashimayari Ski Resort
NOV 2009 Acquisition of Ryuoo Ski Park
OCT 2010 Acquisition of Kawaba Ski Resort
NOV 2010 Tetsuya Okabe, a top slalom racer, acceded to NSD adviser.
NOV 2012 Acquisition of HAKUBA RESORT DEVELOPMENT, Co., Ltd.
APR 2013 Acquisition of Spicy, Co., Ltd.
OCT 2014 Acquisition of Meiho Kogen Kaihatsu, CO., Ltd.
APR 2015 NSD shares’ listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS
NOV 2015 Acquisition of Hare Ski Resort, Co., Ltd.


6329-1, Hokujo, Hakuba-mura Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano, 399-9301, Japan

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